pennarsson said: hey Rita,did you already kick the asses of those suckers who stole your stuff to make money out of it?keep up the great work!best greetings from Dresden/Germany.

Working on it. I’ll also make a website to help people with the same problem and expose ‘big’ ‘creative’ brands that constantly steal from real creatives.


s-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n--s said: I know Im just a drunk student scrolling through your blog right now and not some art guy but fuck man everyone needs to check this out. sick as hell keep doing what your doing. xx.

Drunk students are 10 less dumb than any art guy.

Anonymous said: Hello! I was wondering do you have any plans on visiting Croatia again? I know you were here recently but I missed it. v_v

Hm. I am going there soon but only yo visit my friends, I don’t have plans for exhibitions there.

Anonymous said: If you come to Lithuania, I would die. And probably wouldn't come to your artshow. But it still would be great.

I was suppose to go there next month, but I don’t know what happened to that invitation.

List of constant current worries:

- Why am I here?, as soon as I arrive somewhere.
- Who are these people and why can’t they do anything else besides talking cheap, cliché flirting and bore me to death?
- I can’t feel anything for anyone. Am I dead or just evil?
- If beach is the only thing keeping me sane in the last few months, how will I not go insane in the following eight?

Just a tease of something that I’m preparing. Kiss, kiss.
18H - 20H

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